Biscuits Machinery


Equipment for : 

  • Dough Mixers 150kg, 300kg, 500 kg dough capacity & Dough feeding and Handling systems

  • Dough sheeters, 2roll, 3 roll, cut& lay Laminators, V-fold laminators

  • Gauge rollers, relaxation conveyors, Rotary cutters, cutting web drives, scrap return and scrap distribution conveyors

  • Milk spray units, Salt and Sugar sprinklers, Flour dusters.
    Biscuit baking ovens (direct and indirect fired), diesel, gas, electric Stripper units, Oil spraying machine, cooling conveyors, magnetic rotary stackers, Packing table conveyors.

  • Sandwiching Equipment Packing machinery Flour sifters, Sugar grinders, Syrup making machine, Flour handling systems.

  • Biscuit Moulds & Dies

  • Mini Cutting Line & Customized machinery